Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  I already have a domain name, can I use this with the new website ?

A. Yes, you can transfer your existing name, as long as you own the name and don’t owe someone else for the domain.  Our technicians will help you with the transfer.


Q. If my company starts off with quite a small website, can we upgrade at any time ?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your website at any time with more pages, online shopping facilities, up-rated graphics – and any future changes that technology brings. Unlike buying one, “Old fashioned” web site, Weboriel allows you to upgrade your website to take advantage of changes in future technology.


Q.  I already have a fully functioning website – can I transfer this to your server ?

A. Yes, you can transfer your existing website to our server.  The site will need to be safe, virus-free and compatible with either a Linux/Unix or Windows server system. You will need to own the site and not owe money to someone else for the design.  Our technicians will help you with the transfer, but you will need some knowledge yourself.


Q.  If we have a domain and/or a website with Weboriel, can we ever transfer it to an alternative provider ?

A. Yes, you would be able to transfer your new domain name and website to any provider you wish in the future, subject to all payments for the design and hosting of the website being paid and provided that you owned the domain name and site design.  Your new hosting company would need to be able to receive / capture the design details for your “old” site and place it with your new hosting provider.


Q.  I want to design my own website – can you host this for me ?

A. Yes, of course.  Just let us know what you want and we will start to get things organised for you.


Q.  I design a few websites a year for my own clients, but I don’t have any hosting facilities.  Are you able to host websites for my clients  ?

A. Yes, of course, we offer that services to other small design companies as well.  Just let us know what you want and we will get the ball rolling for you.


Q. Can I cancel my website agreement at any time ?

A. Yes, you can cancel your agreement, subject to a minimum payment in total as we obviously need to cover our initial set up costs, so it is not unreasonable for us to recoup this if your business changes its marketing strategy.  This will all be laid out in detail before you commit yourself and our basic offers are fully costed in our “Prices” section.


Q: Using the Weblease system, how much will it cost in advance for my business to have a custom made site designed for us ?

A. Nothing (until we are ready to start work). We offer a service that designs and hosts a web site for your company, based on information you give us, pictures and graphics provided by you which you may already have. We can often use your existing brochures, publicity material and documentation to provide your business with a professionally designed web site that promotes your company online and compliments your overall marketing strategy and we also arrange for our own professional photographs to be taken to make sure your website is specific and personalised to your business. Once we start working, we need one initial payment and then we aim to have your site ready in four weeks so that your standing order can then start.


Q. Do we get Internet Access from our office with Web Lease ?

A. No, you do not get an internet connection at your office, this should be arranged with your normal internet provider.


Q. What happens if we do not have existing Photographs, Graphics, Marketing and Publicity material ?

A. We can provide all of these for you if necessary – but we need your involvement and input with the text of any website, as it is designed to promote your business and therefore the marketing needs to reflect your approach to your “Customers”. Wherever possible, we prefer to take photographs and use text and graphics which are specific to your business.


Q. Can I pay for my website outright instead of using the Web Lease service ?

A. Of course. You can pay all the costs of designing and hosting the website, with the only future costs being annual hosting and any upgrades or maintenance that you may want - and if your website will be hosted on someone else’s server, outright payment would be the only option anyhow.


Q.  Can I use “Stock Images” in my website to save money ?

A . We would prefer you not to use what is known as “Stock Images” on your website if possible, as these tend to make your site look as if it is a clone of thousands of other cheap sites viewable on the internet.  What it will not do is save you any money with your design and you will need to provide the copyright certificate in order for us to be able to use each image.


Q. Do we get an email service with our Web site ?

A. Yes, you get a full fully functional email system, tailor made to your commercial requirements.  You will need to be able to set up a mail system on your computer (Something like Windows Live Mail or similar) and you will chose the mail names, based on your web-domain.  If you have any questions, just ask us.


Q. So how do we pay for the Website ?

A. You can either pay a deposit and balance once the site is finished – or we will charge a small deposit and then an agreed monthly fee over an agreed period of months that will cover the cost of the production of the website, the hosting of the website, monthly maintenance, emails and all the associated services that you will need to run your website.  Ideally, we prefer payments by BACS / Bank transfer and Standing Order, but we can also take debit / credit card payments via PayPal.


Q. How long do we have to keep paying the agreement for and how much will it cost per month.?

A. That depends on exactly what your business wants. All of our websites and packages are custom made to YOUR requirements and while we can give example sites and prices as a guideline, we will also provide you with specific costs before you have to pay a penny.  We also have a number of pre-calculated plans which are ideal for small and start-up businesses.  These are illustrated on our “Prices” page.


Q. Will you come out and fix our computers or install any software ?

A. No, Sorry, we don’t offer a computer repair service and we don’t sell or install software.  If you have a modern PC / MAC / Linux computer, with up-to-date software will should need any extra software to view websites safely.


Q. What happens if we are unable to pay for our website / service ?

A. If you are unable to pay for your website when we are about to start designing it for you, then the build and domain will be put on hold until such time as you are able – or you can cancel the job.  If you are unable to make continuing payment under a “Lease” agreement – perhaps because of a downturn in your business, then the service would be suspended until payment was restored.  If the suspension appeared to be permanent (business closure or similar), then the service would cease and the domain name released for 3rd party use). Our target is to help clients increase and improve their business sales and profits, so provided our costs are covered, we try to be as helpful and flexible as we can.


Q. What happens after the end of our first year, once we have paid off the initial cost on a monthly basis ?

A. After the end of the initial “Lease” period, we would suggest that you continue with a regular, monthly payment option which covers hosting, domain names and updates.  As an example, if your business had a 20 page site that in the first year cost £910 ( 1 x £140 plus 11 x £70) which included 3 updates, then we would suggest a monthly agreement of £40 which would cover another 3 updates during the year, a couple of 1 hour photography sessions to refresh some of your images and of course, domain and hosting for the year.  Alternatively, if your 2nd year budget is very tight, you could opt for the basic domain and hosting service on a monthly basis – and that would work out at just £8 per month – but would not give you any updates or other support – and you can always ask us for individual or specific updates or other work on your website on an “ad-hoc” basis to be charged “Per Job”


Q. So, how do I get the ball rolling ? What do I need to do to start the process of getting a new, professional Web Site ?

A. Simply click below